Ba Ba Ba

It was during the Live Aid Festival in 1985 that David Bowie introduced the keyboard player of his hurriedly assembled band as “the very brilliant Thomas Dolby”. Dolby at that time had just had one of the early eighties’ smash hits with his suitingly titled extravaganza Hyperactive (I love that girl!).

May I now humbly point you to the very brilliant Thomas Hart, who’s just warming up as FT Germany’s pre-olympic star blogger. Hart who used to work as resident brain-in-the-vat in one of Bertelsmann Foundation’s think tanks is now serving as EU’s telecom regulation ambassador in Beijing, a job that brings him in close and loving contact with several hygienically challenged hutong cookshops. (There is still no EU food regulation embassy in China.) He will observe the hype around the sacred date of 08-08-08 (start of THE GAMES) from this very perspective. May the germs not prohibit the flow of his words!