Booth Peeping

Today is the starting point of a semester project that is going to be fun. Online journalism students of the 2nd year will cover the campaign for the upcoming Hessen state elections in a group weblog, starting from November and ending with the election day, January 27th, 2008. We will focus on our local Rhein-Main region and topics that are relevant to young voters.

In four introductory workshops, we are working our way through elementary political knowledge (election procedures, principles of federalism, relevant parties and their programs, state budgets,…) and essential skills (live blogging, interview techniques, how to handle a press contact,…). In additional weekly ‘editorial staff’ meetings we are going to do thematical and logistical planning and talk about quality control.

The weblog will be part of the website of “Frankfurter Rundschau” which recently has been the first major German newspaper to be relaunched in the internationally popular tabloid format.

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  1. i am very curios about this and i am sure that this will become an interesting project.

    ps: it looks like if this blog is very vital by now. i have to come back oftener.

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