“Soon you will be eighty-two years old. You are six centimeters smaller now. You weigh only 45 kilos, and still you are beautiful, gracious and desirable. We’ve been living together for 58 years now and I love you more than ever. Recently I’ve fallen for you anew. Again I’m bearing in my breast this overwhelming emptiness that only the warmth of your body close to mine can fill.”

That’s what french philosopher and journalist André Gorz wrote about his already cancer-ridden wife Dorine last year, in a small book called “Lettre à D : Histoire d’un amour” (follow the link for a beautiful picture of the couple). Now the two have ended their life together.


  1. No, just read that quote (of which there are several versions: compare Libération with Le Monde), and ordered the book from Amazon.

  2. ok, then maybe I could buy it from you later, if you don’t mind (and if you still recommend it).

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