“The DNA of the future of journalism”

Talking Points Memo (TPM) is a blog-turned-online-magazine from New York City. With their mixture of news aggregation, investigative reporting and commentary, Josh Marshall and his small, young team have pioneered a new type of political online media: the perfect answer to the ongoing debate about an alleged opposition of blogging and journalism. The current issue of Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) includes an empathetic and informative portrait of the project. I especially liked the idea of incremental reporting. Marshall is said to envision his staffers as “‘narrators’ of complex, slowly unfolding stories”. Nothing could be more suited to this type of journalism than a blog. Not only the stories evolve over time. The whole product has developed (and probably continues to develop) as work in progress. “We have been inventing this as we went along”, CJR quotes a former TPM reporter.  Go read the article.