Someone wakes you up in the middle of the night with the story of a desastrous evening. You eat some cashew nuts when suddenly something pinches your  gum. Turns out to be the fragment of a broken sewing needle. The room is stacked with clothes waiting to be ironed and books waiting to be read. Your thoughts circle around a thing unsolved, not solving it. You resist the temptation to let a glass of whisky guide you back into sleep, go to the kitchen, take a spoonful of spicy, peppered vinegar instead. It sharpens your mind for a moment of clarity and wild joy. Then, mercifully, tiredness sets in and sleep welcomes you again.


  1. It’s called “Buenas: Hot and Spiced Vinegar”, made by a company from the Philippines with the wonderful name “Gem Foods International”. We found it in the Asian supermarket in the basement of Frankfurt Central Station. Around 50 hot chili peppers, some onions, garlic and ginger pieces float in a greenish poison. Looks exactly like it tastes.

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