1. Tell me again: Why did you stop smoking?

    I figure, being three days in Beijing equals 24 years of Malboro (or 22 years of Javaanse Tobacco) …


  2. ­čÖé Yeah, something like that. Just found this wonderful description:

    How bad was the air the last two days? If it was a person it would have been a seedy, broad-shouldered thug, dressed in filthy leathers and reeking of grain alcohol, last-night’s whorehouse and cheap cigarettes, that hauled you into an alley by your collar and beat you senseless with a lead pipe wrapped in duct tape, emptied your wallet, found your grandmother’s address inside, went to her house and beat her senseless with the same pipe, cleared out her jewelry box and sodomized her golden-retriever on the way out the door before setting fire to her cottage, coming back to the alley and kicking you in the ribs one more time for good measure.

    It was that bad. And even that may not quite capture the sheer evil of it.

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