Stuck Halfway Between 0.5 and 0.9

After one week of virus rule I am still handicapped, still every attempt to get out of my bedroom prison is punished by severe coughing fits forcing me back to a more solitary environment after a short time. Yesterday my sense of duty led me to a panel discussion at the Darmstadt Chamber of Industry and Commerce, jointly organized with the Hessen public broadcasting station HR Info. The megalomaniac title went along the lines of “Web 2.0 was yesterday. Web 3.0 is tomorrow”. So what is today? This perplexity must have been part of the program, as the whole event lacked any sense of direction. We all bravely suffered through an arbitrary selection of talks (mostly not bad, though!), chaotic discussions and permanently failing microphone and speaker systems. If we hold the HR Info people responsible, I’d say: This was Radio 0.7. Guys, you owe me a drink!