If it’s not in the Wires, forget it.

As an old fan of Beat Generation literature I was especially moved when I saw that the Culture department of news.sohu.com has dedicated an entire web special to the 50th anniversary of Jack Kerouac’s legendary novel On The Road. And what an attractive topic for the web it turns out to be, with all these beautiful boys and their romantic life…!

I immediately asked myself: Why is such a thing not possible in Germany? Imagine T-Online, Germany’s nearest ‘equivalent’ to sohu.com, providing such a dossier. Dream On? Well, yes, but at least the likes of Spiegel or Focus should be able to recognize such an occasion when it comes up. But all in all, German online journalism is still too narrow-minded and dumb (or too busy with installing all the over-hyped Web2.0 bells and whistles) for such a competent and independent approach to good topics in cultural history (or anywhere else, mind you).