Cooling Down

Frankfurt is preparing itself for the Iron Man spectacle. A lot of the would-bes are strutting around with opalescent sun glasses and colourful sports wear, showing off their sinewy bodies and state-of-the-art two-wheel machinery. The gods have graced us with a magnificent thunderstorm, temperature reduced to a pleasant 22 degrees. Yesternight the levels were higher when I returned from the Palmengarten tennis club where the Frankfurt Movie Museum had shown Woody Allen’s Highsmithian thriller Match Point to a crowd of 650, on an inflatable screen at the flank of the club’s aptly sized centre court. The movie left me trembling with nervous identification – not quite in the mood for the pleasantries of the subsequent party.


  1. “Match Point” erinnerte mich eigentlich eher an Hitchcock, denn an Highsmith. Obwohl natürlich auch Highsmith Elemente vorhanden waren.

  2. Richtig, die Suspense-Elemente sind sehr von Hitchcock inspiriert. Aber die Täter-Psychologie und die Identifikation mit dem Mörder ist eher Highsmith. Alles in allem ein, abgesehen von der Nostalgie, ziemlich untypischer Woody Allen.

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